Two deaths shake UF Greek life

After two recent deaths in the Florida area, UF Greek students are worried that safe alcohol practice is not being carried out.

A UCF sorority girl was found dead in her room while a UF ROTC boy was run over earlier this week.

19 year-old UF student, Antonio Milanes Cuesta died Monday morning after a car ran over him while he was lying in the center lane of McCullouch road in Semonile Country.

Ann Hefferin, 18 year-old UCF student, was found dead in her bed after attending a fraternity party and unable to breathe.

Since then, UCF has ruled there will be no more alcohol at any Fraternity and Sorority events regardless of age.

Joey A, 20, a junior in Advertising and a 3rd year brother of Kappa Sigma said he would be upset if UF followed suit and banned alcohol.

“I would hate if they banned alcohol, only for selfish reasons though,” A said.

“It may improve things, but in my opinion, alcohol makes events more fun.”

UF is renown for their Greek life with members at an all time high but the pressure to uphold standards with large numbers puts stress on the older members of councils.

Kelli Folse, 20, a junior in Telecommunications and a 2nd year sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma said most Greeks know how to behave.

“Our events only provide alcohol for those who are of age, however there is a standard of conduct that must be upheld by those of age, other wise they can be sent to council for disciplinary action,” Folse said.

“With every large group of people you are going to have crazy girls, good girls, sweet girls, whitty girls, sporty girls, and artsy girls.”

Both deaths are still under investigation.

For more information into UF’s drinking rules and guidelines visit UF Community Services Division.

Photo source: William Dunkley Photography 2005.


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